Accent Aigu

Accent Aigu produces the kind of stories that hook people and don’t let them go; imagined into existence by provocative thinkers, dystopian fortune tellers, and makers of metaphor.

Accent Aigu Entertainment was started with a sense of purpose and community that drives everything they do, and a passion for horror and comedy that keeps the stories coming. Commerce & community, coworkers & family, comedy & horror — AAE is a brand of dichotomies, reimagined and squared by their values and passion.



Accent Aigu Entertainment

Creative Direction

Good Form

Design and Art Direction

Marta Ryczko


Good Form

Accent Aigu is a coin with two distinct sides. And the real beauty? You don’t have to choose one. Heads & tails, funny & scary, retro & forward thinking. Our logo design pulls the inherent duality of AAE out of the raw materials of the two lowercase a’s from their name.




Accent Aigu is WITTY not Silly.

Accent Aigu is THRILLING not Disturbing.

Accent Aigu is PRESTIGIOUS not Pretentious.

Accent Aigu is SCARY not Scarring.

Accent Aigu is ACCESSIBLE not Broad.




Accent Aigu is horror, comedy, and anywhere those two feelings meet.