Citrine isn’t ready to give up on the world just yet. It takes bravery to champion stories with soul in the middle of an IP-driven deluge — to filter out the white noise & highlight singular, diverse points of view — & that’s just fine. Citrine is prepared to be brave.

Citrine Productions produces auteur-driven film & television based on diverse, singular perspectives that advance the cultural conversation. Putting authorship first, Citrine hopes to create works that express the healing & optimistic side of art that’s so underrepresented in today’s media landscape.



Citrine Productions

Creative Direction

Good Form


Good Form

Design and Art Direction

Marta Ryczko


Good Form

Combining the appealing angles of the gemstone from which Citrine Productions gets its name, a kaleidoscope of perspectives & the joyful flicker of a film projector, our logo turns the page on “establishment” filmmaking.

Citrine is BRAVE not Bombastic.
Citrine is RESPONSIBLE not Conservative.
Citrine is OPTIMISTIC not Naïve.
Citrine is REFLECTIVE not Didactic.
Citrine is NURTURING not Overbearing.
Citrine is RESOLUTE not Headstrong.

Citrine is a chorus of empowered storytelling ringing with the power of many diverse voices.