xylo audio

xylo doesn’t reflect reality, they rethink it: a brushstroke, a beam of light, a faint signal from the far reaches of outer space; if you can summon it from the depths of your imagination, they’ll help you hear it.

xylo is a Creative Audio Agency based in Toronto, Ontario, specializing in Original Music, Sound Design & Audio Branding. xylo think of themselves as sonic storytellers, crafting immersive, conceptual audio experiences from captivating soundscapes to genre-bending scores & beyond.



xylo audio

Creative Direction

Good Form


Good Form

Desgin and Art Direction

Marta Ryczko


Good Form

Riffing off of the simplicity and accessibility of the xylophone & the classic look of a decibel metre, our logo design for xylo turns up the volume without drowning out the rest of the band.

xylo is ENIGMATIC not Ambiguous.
xylo is PLAYFUL not Immature.
xylo is CONCEPTUAL not Literal.
xylo is REFLECTIVE not Prescriptive.
xylo is DEEP not Pretentious.

Behind the Scenes

xylo is an entirely unique audio-first world, summoned up in surround sound.